GlossaryFamiliar words used in FlashZone.

FlashZonethe local area wherever you are and areas where others are.

FlashTaga geo-based hashtag. You use them to indicate things you are interested in.
They act as your Interest Beacons drawing people and places that interest you -- to you.

Interest Buddiespeople in your flash zone who share the same interests as you.

InterestBeaconyour FlashTags as a powerful beacon of your interests to people and places in the FlashZone universe.

FlashCirclesWhere Interest Buddies on FlashZone meet, based on their matching FlashTags.

Flasha post in FlashZone.

ReFlasha post that has been shared in FlashZone.

FlashFeedposts (called flashes) from people locally who share your interests.

My FlashTagsa list of all your interests.

All FlashTagsa list of the interests of all users in the location.

FlashTag Managerwhere you can manage all of your FlashTags and add new ones.

FlashStorma series of flashes sent by one user within a brief time frame.

FlashTag Channela channel that is automatically created whenever a flashtag is created in a zone. Most channels include aggregated videos.

Unlock Your Local Influence

Unlock Your Local Influence
FlashZone is an IOS app that is pioneering the future of local communities. It creates real-time communication channels on any interest topics with people near you.

You’ve been missing out on connecting with the people nearby, but not anymore. View the local conversation and connect with people who have the same FlashTag Interests as you, wherever you go…

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